Education Profile

Education Profile of Faculty of Pharmacy

Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University was founded within the body of Afyon Kocatepe University with the decree of the Council of Ministers dated July 25, 2012 numbered 2012/3527 and announced in Official Gazette with the number of 28405. With the establishment of Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University on May 18, 2018,  Faculty of Pharmacy was affiliated to Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University. Our faculty accepted students for the first time according to the results of the undergraduate placement exam in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Our faculty aims to train pharmacists, who possesses professional competence and contribute to the development of the profession, to work in each field of the pharmacy profession (such as retail pharmacy, hospital, industry, R&D centers, analysis sector).

Training in our faculty is carried out in Turkish language. Our faculty doesn’t offer prep classes in English. However, it provides vocational training course in English and optional German language course for students. The curriculum consists of theoretical courses, laboratory practice courses and internships. There have been 5 Professors,  5 Assistant Professors and 6 Research Assistants in our faculty.

The training period in our faculty lasts 5 years. Our students complete the fifth grade as the Candidate Pharmacist (Internship Period). This period includes Clinical Internship Training in the Faculty of Medicine, Factory Internship, R&D Internship and Pharmacy Internship etc. During the period of  Internship (Candidate Pharmacist), research projects must be completed with the help of faculty/staff advisor.

There has been a Pharmacy Club in our faculty where students actively participate. Our students also actively support the Painting Club and the Music Club within the university.

Student Admission Requirements

In order for Turkish and foreign students to start the program, Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University Associate Degree and Undergraduate programs Training, Instruction and Examination Regulations and general admission criteria  existing in Admission Directive for incoming students are valid.

Recognition of Previous Learning

In the transference procedures from the faculties offering equivalent education, regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 24/04/2010, numbered 27561 upon the principles of transferring and making inter-institutional credit transfer through Double Major / Minor programs from Associate Degree to Undergraduate Programs Between Higher Education Institutions and provisions of Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University- Faculty of Pharmacy Training Instruction and Examination Directive are implemented. If students enrolled in the program for the first time apply to our faculty with a petition together with the documents they received from another Higher Education Institution in the country or abroad within the first week from the date of enrollment upon the recognition of previous courses, their demands in credit and mark transfer are evaluated, in line with the commission’s opinions about the recognition of courses, by the faculty board.

Transition to Postgraduate Programs

Candidates who successfully managed to accomplish the undergraduate program, provided that they acquire adequate grades from foreign language exams (YÖKDİL, YDS, TOEFL, ILTS etc.) recognized by ALES and YOK, can follow postgraduate studies in their own field or equivilant fields.

Assessment and Evaluation

Various evaluation methods are applied in the undergraduate program of the Faculty of Pharmacy such as midterm, homework, research project, application and final exam. At least one midterm exam and final exam are held for each course every semester. Methods such as multiple choice exam, classical written exam, oral/practical exam, homework and lecture presentations and project presentations can be used in evaluation. The grade of a course is determined by evaluation of the items mentioned above and letter grades are used. Letter grades and coefficient of each grade have been demonstrated in the table below. The final grades along with the success assessment criteria are marked into the student grade system by the instructor. A student with a gpa (grade point average) of at least 2.00 for a semester/ year is also considered successful in the courses he / she received the (DC) grade in that semester/year. Exams and grading are carried out in accordance with Afyonkarahisar Health Scinces University – Faculty of Pharmacy Training, Instruction and Examination Directive. The assessment and evaluation method applied for each course is explained in detail in course contents.

Letter Grades Percentage Grade Points
AA 90-100 4,00
BA 85-89 3,50
BB 75-84 3,00
CB 70-74 2,50
CC 60-69 2,00
DC 50-59 1.50
DD 40-49 1.00
FD 30-39 0.50
FF 29 and below 0,00


Graduation Requirements

In order for student to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, all courses determined in the curriculum, internships and research projects etc. must be achieved successfully. It is required for a student to attain a minimum of 300 ECTS credits and a gpa (grade point average) of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 to be regarded as a graduate.

Employment Opportunities

Students who successfully achieve a five year university program can graduate with the title of “Pharmacist”. Pharmacist candidates graduating from the faculty of pharmacy can be a retail pharmacist as well as a clinical pharmacist. They can get employed in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, R&D institutions, drug stores as well as public pharmacies in the Ministry of Health, university hospitals or private hospitals. They also have the opportunity to work in universities to train in the academic field.

No students have graduated from our faculty yet. It is expected that our faculty will possess first students with a bachelor’s degree between 2023-2024 academic year. After the first pharmacist candidates have graduated from our faculty, the alumni association is planned to be founded. All graduates can be a member of this alumni association.

Program Qualifications

Turkish Qualifications Framework Pharmacist Bachelor’s Degree Qualifications Code: TR00310817

URL: 26/02/2020 Date of Access

The learning outcomes of the program have been demonstrated below.

PY1. He/She has sufficient information in the pharmaceutical field and updates his / her knowledge regularly.

PY2. He/She makes his / her knowledge based on a scientific perspective and expressess in this way

PY3. Natural and synthetic pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical products possess scientific and technological knowledge in the physical, chemical and biological senses within the process from the design to production and consumption

PY4. He/She makes medical devices and food supplements’ physical, chemical, biological, microbiological and toxicological analyses and activity controls through natural and synthetic pharmaceutical products.

PY5. He/She implements R&D, quality control, licensing, good laboratory practices (GLP) and good manufacturing rules (GMP) in pharmaceutical product.

PY6. He/She recognizes the therapeutic effects of pharmaceutical products and solves the problems related to the use and stability of the drug in medication in accordance with its pharmacogenetic, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. 

PY7. He/She carries out procurement, inventory tracking, accounting, finance, marketing, production and management of human resources in retail pharmacies hospital pharmacies, drug stores and pharmaceutical factories.

PY8. He/She has the ability to gain access to current scientific information in the field of pharmacy, follow the literature, makes comment and apply it. 

PY9. He/She can evaluate the new information and skills he/she acquired in a critical manner.

PY10. He/She has efficient communication skills.

PY11. He/She makes comment about information on current health and treatment problems 

PY12. He/She realizes the significance of ethical values ​​and ethical principles for the development of the profession

PY13.He/She Knows the professional legislation in pharmaceutical services and acts accordingly.

PY14. He/She is open to cooperation, equipped with the basic values ​​of the profession and possesses communication skills.

PY15. He/She offers recommendations based on research and evidence in order to solve problems related to drug interactions, drug and non-drug products.

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