Message of the Dean


Dear Young People,

The two most important elements of the informatics century we face are undoubtedly information and ethics. Faculty of Pharmacy has been founded to raise intellectual individuals at international level and professionals equipped with vocational view, having ethical values and producing added value by blending science and technology.

Our faculty aims not only to train pharmacists equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge but also raise colleagues working with passion in order to improve the quality of pharmacy profession, adopting scientific perspective, having productive skills and responsibilities, realizing the significance of human health.

Our faculty hosts and will keep hosting academicians possessing this perspective and students demanding for obtaining this point of view. We train pharmacist candidates in order to boost the level of our country to the level of more modern and developed countries on the way of civilization, which is demonstrated by our great leader, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. We target for our students, who benefit from all the possibilities of modern education, to make a difference with their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas where they sustain their profession.  We look forward to seeing new pharmacist candidates demanding to walk for the same purpose in a hopeful and exciting way.



Last Updated: 20 Ekim 2021